Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creating Your Water Garden Book - Step-by-Step Pond Building

Step-by-Step Pond Building

Add a waterscape to your backyard using this great book: Creating Your Water Garden as a guide.

This brief work offers information such as designing and installing your pond, as well as tips for stocking it with plants and animals. Pond mechanics are briefly discussed, and a troubleshooting section answers common pond questions.

The back pages of the book list common water garden plants, and the easy-to-read piece includes several photographs and illustrations to better demonstrate correct installation. Creating Your Water Garden is a perfect read for anyone thinking of building a waterscape.

The first section of this book looks at all the design aspects you need to consider, from siting a pond to selecting the most appropriate water feature for your garden. A unique aspect of the book is the way in which the author explores the thinking behind existing water gardens.

Whether you have a patio, small city courtyard, or a larger suburban plot, you will find the right water garden design for you. The second section contains all the practical information necessary to construct a garden pond or water feature, and features numerous step-by-step illustrations showing how to install them safely and efficiently.

Essential information is included on buying and selecting suitable plants to create the right setting for your pond or water feature.

Features: a number of different inspirational pond designs for gardens of all shapes and sizes; practical step-by-step advice on all aspects of constructing a garden pond or water feature in your garden; full color photographic glossaries of plants and fish; and troubleshooting sections on keeping fish healthy and plant maintenance.

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