Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Before the Bees Buzz the Big Screen

Before The Bees Buzz The Big Screen.........

Sue Monk Kidd's "The Secret Life of the Bees" is absolutely the best book I have read. Part of me hates to see "my" special book come to life on the big screen. Let's face it, movies are good, but when a novel has such an impact on a person's life, as this book did on mine, I am very reluctant to have the big screen influence the way I imagined Lily and the magical crew of women who enveloped her in love, life and friendship.

In fact, I am so reluctant to have "my" imagined character images flawed that I have not been able to look at the new cover on the book... And, I'm so stubborn that I have no clue who has been cast for each role. Who could possibly live up to my expectations of Lily? Who could most mimic the intricate details of the sisters May or August, or June???

I'm so possesive of my feelings about these women that when I heard a movie was in the works, I became moody and judgemental. I did not want my literary friends to be splashed on the big screen for all to see and judge. They are just fine as they are in the book. No one could possibly live up to such perfection. And so we shall see. I tend to be a bit emotional and opinionated about some books, as you can see. Something so meaningful to me must have had some impact on others. If not the same, then similar? I invite you to share with me your thoughts about the Bees and other books that turned movie. I have several stories to tell about these stories. Thanks for reading and hopefully sharing........ Here's wishing the Best to the Bees......

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The First Post is the Deepest

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