Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is here - checkout these great Garden Books

Spring has sprung and it's time to pull out those cultivators and start beautifying your backyard.

There are a number of great books on the market that can minimize the work needed to create or reopen your water garden, start a vegetable garden or attract beautiful birds to your backyard. Study up and save time and money this year.

  • Creating Your Water Garden Book
  • Master Book of the Water Garden
  • Animal Planet Set Up and Care of Garden Ponds Book
  • Water Gardening Basics
  • Water Gardening in Containers
  • Hummingbirds of N.A. Bird Book - my favorite!
    Besides being objects of wonder, hummingbirds, says Sheri L. Williamson in the Peterson Field Guide: Hummingbirds of North America, are unique to the New World, range in size from the smallest warm-blooded animal (Cuba's Bee Hummingbird) to outsizing songbirds (South America's Giant Hummingbird), can fly backwards and side to side, and still defy category among ornithological types. The habits, habitats, migratory patterns, physical traits, diet, mating practices, where to find them in short, all the information that a good wildlife guide offers are the stuff of Williamson's book. Clear, engaging prose and 180 full color photographs make this a natural for birdwatchers everywhere.

    The book covers over 30 species of hummingbirds that regularly occur in the United States or have the potential for occurence as vagrants from Mexico. It is entirely a photographic guide which has both advantages and disadvantages from paintings or illustrations.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

PriceThatTool.com Price Comparison Launches!

PriceThatTool comparison engine for Tools, Parts and Hardware launched this past week and although our book blog is not in the business of reviewing tool sites, there are some construction and tool related books on the site, so we thought it was worth mentioning. Scroll down to see a few examples including guides to Masonry, decks and carpentry.

Price that tool is different than many of the larger price comparison engines in that it's claim to fame is concentration in one vertical to create more accurate and encompassing results in the tool and hardware industry.

The problem with the larger comparison engines is that they are limited by the deep pockets that can afford to pay the PPC costs for listing. Some of the smaller online niche retailers actually have lower prices than the big guys. They operate on the lean-machine mentality. Keep costs down, slim the profits and keep your customers happy.

PricethatTool features little known tool retailers like http://www.farmgeneral.com/, Tool Barn and ToolsNow - but they also feature some of the big boys like Sears and NorthernTool.

Guide To Masonry and Concrete CH277117 by Creative Homeowner Press
Ultimate Guide To Masonry And Concrete Book Design - Build - Maintain

Ultimate Guide To Decks CH277170 by Creative Homeowner Press
Ultimate Guide To Decks Book Plan - Design - Build

Guide To Trim Carpentry CH277511 by Creative Homeowner Press
Ultimate Guide To Trim Carpentry Book Plan - Design - Install

Ultimate Guide To Plumbing CH278205 by Creative Homeowner Press
Ultimate Guide To Plumbing Book Complete Projects For The Home

Smart Guide Roofing Book CH287945 by Creative Homeowner Press
Smart Guide Roofing Step By Step Projects

Smart Guide Painting Book CH287952 by Creative Homeowner Press
Smart Guide Painting Step By Step Projects

Carol's Book Blog Launched on Blogspot

Last May Blogger announced that they were going to discontinue FTP publishing of blogs and unfortunately, we were publishing our blog through FTP to a 3rd party! ... so we migrated today to a brand-new Blogspot domain!

Welcome to our new blog (in the mean time .. we updated a few colors and added a few friends). We hope you like the new format.

Stay tuned for our next post which is going to outline a few new cool internet tools we found!